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UberX - do you take 5pax?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by xlr8ed, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. excel2345

    excel2345 Active Member

    Do you send the request before the ride, or complete the ride then send the request? I've recently gotten an XL vehicle and have wondered what to do in a situation like this.
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  2. SmokestaXX

    SmokestaXX Active Member

    This is the type of BS u have to stop allowing. Drivers have to stop being thirsty for pax. The fact that drivers do this shows how little Uber pays and how much Pax know they're getting over.
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  3. JimKE

    JimKE Well-Known Member


    In the driver app: Account>Help>Trips & Fare Review>select the appropriate trip>Issues with my fare>Fare adjustment: more than 4 riders.

    Click, done.
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  4. mmmike

    mmmike Active Member

    Yup. With the help of folks here I know what to do in these situations now: Upgrade them thru the app/support after the ride.
  5. Nice_Guy

    Nice_Guy Active Member

    Dallas, Texas
    I only drive uberX,in the past I used not to mind picking up 5 riders of they insisted but now I dont,and even if they insist to get some of them I ask them to cancel, because they will always give a bad rating if you leave their friends. It works for me

  6. Maksim

    Maksim Well-Known Member

    New Jersey
    Pax safety and legality.... hell no, would never mess with that.

    You pix up 5 pax, in your X.... when you get pulled over YOU are the one getting the ticket.

    Be firm.... No kids under 6 without carseats/boosters, and a seatbelt PER person in the car.
  7. Oscar Levant

    Oscar Levant Well-Known Member

    I turned down some under 18 kids today, felt good :)
  8. freddieman

    freddieman Well-Known Member

    carrying 4 pax equals less money for u. that $1.35 mile turns to lot less.
  9. freddieman

    freddieman Well-Known Member

    many uberX drivers can't seem to understand that the more pax in ur car, the risks/along with wear and tear of car, gets much higher for something to go wrong.
    we are not bus drivers. i personally like to carry 2 pax at most. its civilized driving. safety for all. i'll take 3 pax. but when it comes to the 4th pax i will cancel.
    city buses charge $3 to $3.75. u times that by 4....that is $12 min. most uberx rides will avg $7. why should a personalized ride cost less than a bus?
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  10. Danile...M...

    Danile...M... Member

    This is the best tips that I have ever gotten. Thanks!!!

    I currently do fare adjustments all the time for more that 4 riders. They see the mini van coming and start taking friends. It only takes a quick note from the app for the adjustment to XL.

    Best yet X surges sometimes and XL does not in my market. When I ask for the XL adjustment, I also ask for the additional surge pricing that was on the original X request, to be applied to the XL rate.

    Never will take more than six. I have people ask me that all the time. Need to draw the line somewhere.
  11. drewfert

    drewfert New Member

    Ames, IA
    My city only has UberX but my vehicle can hold 6 PAX with seat belts. Can/should I take more than 4?
  12. simpsonsverytall

    simpsonsverytall Well-Known Member

    4 passengers max. , no exceptions.

    Unless the cool guy, and cute girl approach 1st, w/ their 3 friends lurking in the background. That always fools me.
  13. GaryWinFlorida

    GaryWinFlorida Active Member

    Delray Beach, FL
    If you have an XL and take an X ride that has more than four pax then email Uber and they will adjust the fare to XL. Every time!
  14. GaryWinFlorida

    GaryWinFlorida Active Member

    Delray Beach, FL
    There should be a surcharge for the third and fourth pax even in X. Easy way to compensate drivers a bit more while keeping the vast majority of riddes the same price (most are 1 or 2). Splitting a trip between 4 pax is usually cheaper than if the 4 people took the friggin' BUS! And they're getting door-to-door service! Really dumb.
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  15. JTR

    JTR Active Member

    Never! Cancel and move on:)
  16. Southdiver

    Southdiver Active Member

    West Palm Beach
    Because I drive an XL, I will take an overloaded X. I was unaware I could request an adjustment but, I will in the future.
  17. RamzFanz

    RamzFanz Well-Known Member

    Saint Louis
    You're welcome.

    Sending that text also appears to help with overloading. They seem to take it both ways. I can't remember my last overloading request.
  18. Crownvic 60

    Crownvic 60 Member

    Stick one in the trunk!!
  19. charmer37

    charmer37 Well-Known Member

    I agree, Taking less pax in your car makes sense to me.
  20. jp300h

    jp300h Well-Known Member

    Orlando, FL 32828
    Had 2 more groups try it again tonight (college kids) It's funny how belligerent and angry they get when tell them no more than 4. One kid tonight, was all pissy and angry, then whiny... "it's only a few blocks away"... which actually weakens his argument. I actually make more on the cancel, then I would letting these ass clowns in my car.
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