UberTaxi question(Telling the customer what to look for?

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So this came up.

i hope to hear from the uberTaxi drivers about this.

So what I have been doing on ubertaxi since day one is sending this text as soon as I get the ping.

Hi I’m Steve your ubertaxi driver, I’m en route look for Mears taxi #830 or (city cab #929) ect.

Do you guys recommend putting in the “brand” on the taxi or not for my text?

Does it seem like a bad idea?


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Good afternoon Drivers,
I want to say I'm sorry that I spoke to you negatively about you guys complaining and making cab car decisions. But, I want you guys not to stress and fuss about it. Try your best as much as you can. Do not worry, have faith with God while you guys at work.

I'm sorry that I'm feeling worried and fret about the car.😥

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Do they charge you more for a Hybrid? Better gas mileage less expense. Do you have to charge it up before dropping it off? Sorry no idea how the cab industry works.
1. They arnt plug ins.
2. they do charge more for the hybrids,
The crown Victorias used to cost less when there was both in the fleet. Now all the sedans are hybrids.

It sucked to take out the crown vics actually because the difference in price wasn’t enough. This actually led to the last of the crown vics sticking around a year longer than they planned because no one ever drove them,

currently... the coronavirus price

$75 for 24 hour sedan.
$72.50 for the vans

(Regular price) 24 hour
$150 sedan
$145 van:

(21:00-9:00 night shift) Full price
($76 sedan
$70 van

versus the vans currently....
There is no difference for the two vehicles for the customer.

the vans so have higher expenses from higher gas but...

In the queues (digital and physical queues both) the vans and sedans are first in first out, but the first van gets the first van fare.

if that doesn’t sound worth it keep in mind a busy hotel might have a queue of 4 taxis there. the first van is the first van, even if they are number 4.

(sounds simple right?) and the effect is that vans tend to jump the queue A LOT by virtue of being the first van, and will get more fares to make up for higher expenses. Especially in busier areas your better off in a van. Running dispatch calls in the middle of nowhere and your better off in a sedan.

basically 1-2 extra fares a day makes up for the higher costs.

me personally I prefer a sedan, I don’t depend on the physical queues and running dispatch is more reliable year round and less boring.

Back when crown vics still were still around.

9:00 pm-9:00 am (the only prices I remember)
$73 for hybrid.
$67 for crown Vic