UberSTRIKE preemptive surges?


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On international drive area it was 3.3x at one point. What a crock of s***. And saturated with dumbass drivers. Staying off till next week or forever.


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Don't take non-surge fares. Just don't do it. If you absolutely have to work then reject all non-surge fares and only take them when the surge gets over 2. Another way to make the strike work is to completely avoid downtown no matter what. That will hurt Uber more than anything.

Lou W

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Even if I wanted to drive I can't. App keep saying no cell and crashing
Yeah I got the same message. Wanted to see all the surges people were talking about. Sent email to uber they say they are aware. Could be Chinese hackers.


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I am home, not Ubering. I just checked the rider app and there are too many cars to count in the downtown zone. This is beyond stupid. We could make a massive impact by boycotting that one small zone. Drivers could pick up anywhere but downtown and still make money. All we would have to do to make a huge impact is stay out of downtown for the weekend. I don't understand why no one thinks about what they do.


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I'd be driving if the @@@@ing app didn't stop working. It won't open it just say no cell move your car. It was right after a 2.4x select trip so at least i broke even on a fill up.

@@@@ing Uber.

Miguel T.

View attachment 15816 Is this uber way to get drivers to continue driving after 5 or is this common for a Friday afternoon?
I was actually out there, and yes it was surging like that. I actually dropped off at Rosemont from tourist area, and right away got a ping in College Park at 1.5x to Downtown. I'm not big on traffic, so I got the hell out of there and back to the tourist area. I Ubered from 2pm-7pm and netted $90 after deductions. This was around 6:30pm and Downtown was surging at 4x. Traffic was really really bad, not my cup of tea. A lot of people were also trying to get to Citrus Bowl which made I-4/408 intersection a nightmare.