Uber's success: exploiting drivers.


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There is an abundant supply of unqualified lazy people in the world .... you can thank trickle down economics for this phenomenon

People have been indoctrinated to be content waiting for a crumb to fall in their lap.


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Soooo,Starting 7/1, booking flees will be $5 across the board ? Drivers get ZERO ?
Don't know how much would it be, but the era of screwing only the drivers is coming to and end, now at least pax won't have rides for pennies, still will not be as much as a Taxi but still, pax got used to to be cheap, they will not be happy, many will take it on the drivers and the 1% of the ones that tip will disappear. On top of this CA passed a bill that went to the Senate to make drivers be filed as employees, Uber and Lyft will pass all the extra costs of this to the pax as well if the bill pass of course. Interesting times are ahead of us.