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Uber's New Panic Button Is Now Live In The US: Dial 911 Directly From The App

Discussion in 'News' started by Wonkytonk, May 29, 2018.

  1. The Verge reports:
    Uber’s new panic button is now live in the US
    Dial 911 directly from the app


    In April, Uber announced that it would be adding a direct way for riders to call 911 within its app in an effort to boost its flagging safety reputation. Today, the company is making that new feature live and fully operational across the US.

    The emergency button is located in a new “safety center” menu that is easily accessible from the app’s home screen, giving riders a quick way to contact first responders in the event that something goes wrong during their trip. The safety center also includes information about the driving screening process, insurance protections, and community guidelines (aka the list of horrible behaviors that will get you banned from Uber).

    To dial 911, riders will need to swipe up on the safety center icon, and then tap “911 assistance.” They will then be asked to confirm they mean to dial 911 before the call is put through to emergency dispatchers. This is meant to minimize accidental dials, explained Sachin Kansal, Uber’s director of product management. The panic button was previously tested out by Uber in India.
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  2. ...cause pax are soo stupid they dont know how to dial 911 on there cellphone...

    The articles mentions later in and i saw in a news report about it that it will give 911 operators the paxes gps location. And will allow you to optionally stay quite so you dont alert the driver that police are on there way. Or some stuff like that
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  3. It looks a bit like they're giving them the address in the video, but unless they've come to a stop at a destination it's kind of useless giving a gps location that's not constantly updating if they're still on the move.

    As we've discussed in the past though there's going to be a lot of driver deactivations over this and a lot of wasted police time as well since they're making it easier. There's psychologically less consequence then actually determining the need for and physically dialing the 911 I would think.

    I'm hoping all that extra use of municipality resources like 911 is going to spur local municipalities into more tightly regulating both uber, and lyft.
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  4. BurgerTiime


  5. rex jones

    rex jones

    Can't wait to see this used for stuff like the driver doesn't want to stop through the drive thru or doesn't want to follow "my" directions.
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  6. It's funny in a sad way because you know it's gonna happen.

    I saw an idiot dial 911 when a laundry cart hit his rear bumper going less than 2 miles an hour. No damage visible, but he was pissed so he dialed that number to have the police respond to his emergency.
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  7. It would be nice if they offered a driver 911 panic button, for when drivers need help with potentially dangerous pax.

    Is that going too far? I mean... there's a good reason that 90%+ of late night drivers are men.
  8. Uberfunitis


    supposedly that is coming in a latter update.
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  9. Seems like they could have released both at the same time. I don't know really but I would think a lot of the code base for that functionality would be almost identical to the pax panic button.

    I guess it's reasonable to release it for pax first, or maybe not I mean what's the incidence of drivers being hurt by pax vs pax being harmed by drivers. I suspect it's pretty one sided not that either should be happening.

    Let's hope you're right.
  10. The number of drivers that get victimized generally massively outnumbers the number of passengers that do.
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  11. That is my assumption but I don't have numbers to back it up. I tend towards making conservative statements about an issue where I'm not in possession of all of the facts like this one.
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  12. rex jones

    rex jones

    How dare you sir, be rational and logical!
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  13. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    Your friggin kidding me? I'm laying 4-1 odds that within the first year Uber gets sued because the panic 911 assistance was too difficult to use, especially for drunks.
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  14. Fed truck

    Fed truck

    The same way an alarm company charges you 3-500 for the police showing up to your home after too many false alarms the pax will be charged this also just wait and see.
  15. This is an affirmation of their own lack of confidence in their driver vetting process.

    Uber trusts drivers enough to depend on them to build their empire, but not enough to trust driversd to drive their paxs safely.
  16. id say flood 911 everytime a driver gets paid less than $10 to report robbery, yes hello uber just stole $ frim me....but this is for riders who apparently cant figure out how to dial 911??????.

    sure theyll give 911 the location but uber still hides it from drivers

    cabs have partitions for a reason & its not to protect riders lmao

    has to be the evilest company since gas chambers inc.
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  17. a full time driver foing 20+ rides will have their vehicle assaulted kicked, door slammed on purpose, trash left on purpose, drink spilled on purpose, gum snot wiled, & least verbally assaulted once a shift, more at nights & definitely risk intimadation or violence 1000 times more than riders

    how many assaults/rapes of riders on 15+ million rides per day

    again cabs dont have partitions to protect riders, imagine if all drivers had cams, it would be daily

    but uber will believe the rider yeah my rides "dirty" & i was "unprofessional" from 1 rider while the other 499 5 star & lots tipped
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  18. I don't know, nor do I know the insidence of rider on driver crimes which is the point I was making above.
  19. dirtylee



    In Dallas, the cops will NOT show up for some bull****.
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  20. Personal experience, and my statement was deliberately vague.

    As it stands, i'm victimized enough to call the cops about once a month, but I don't call the cops over an unpaid $8.00.

    *looking at my records*
    I could have called the cops about 15 times last year, instead it was once. It was actually this crazy lady who was way super paranoid... long story short...

    The cops ended up putting her on a 48 hour psych hold and i dropped the criminal charges for threat of violence.

    Cause there was something seriously wrong with her... I put my vengeance aside.

    The uber drivers get criminally victimized a lot more than you guys even realize, whenever they scam support to get a cancel fee or an entire fare clawed back from you that's fraud. It's the 21st century equivalent of running out on the cab fare. No less serious and no less damaging. It's still theft.

    Most drivers deal with these issues so often that i'm going to say this..

    Almost ALL 100% of drivers have been the victim at least once of something,

    A very extreme tiny minority of passengers ever will be.

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