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Uber's new 3 trip promo


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Has anyone gotten this ? Horrible - you must accept every trip ( 3 in a row), can not shut off the app, and stay in the assigned area for at least 1 trip - for this you get an extra $5.50 for all three trips - the old quest promo of $2.00 extra per ride was better. well I tried it and the first thing slick uber did is give me a 4 min trip followed by a 10 min travel to the next PAX trip, followed by another long pick up to a dead mile return airport trip which ended in " I will leave a tip on the app" - no never happened !
I will now forget about this promo its garbage, use uber and lyft on and off and pick my fares and operate to make the most I can.


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I don't bother with promos .most you don't get or aren't worth it.
THIS.... If I happen to get one I get one if not oh well.
On a side note someone left 8 of their 12 spiked seltzer in my car last night I heard it slide across my seat taking a turn stopped and put it in my trunk finished the last one about 20 minutes ago I could drink these by the case they go down like water.... one of the better tips I have received driving.?