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Uber's first employee, Ryan Graves, to step down


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I want regional general manager Rachel Holt to be kicked out as well. She is responsible for all sorts of witchcraft with the drivers.


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What about Sally Yoo? She may have signed off on the Otto deal, Greyball, etc....
She is too valuable asset for Kalanick to let go. She knows too much about the skeletons in the closet. Her current role is little more than shutting her mouth.
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I want Uber to die. Then I want Lyft to die.
Then I will switch to taxis. Taxi drivers here in San Diego were making $10000 per month before Lyft and Uber . I've tried doing taxi for few month , didn't like it compare for Uber and Lyft but for $$$ I would be back ina hearth beat

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