Uber's e-bikes are cannibalizing rides from Uber's cars


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Six months after jumping into the bikesharing game, Uber has made a fascinating discovery: New riders taking a spin on its red Jump electric bikes in San Francisco are more likely to continue riding the bikes instead of hopping in one of its ubiquitous cars.

In other words, Uber is disrupting itself -- and the company says it couldn't be happier about it.
Try it in 95° heat and 119% humidity in New Orleans.

Yes, people are taking to bikes and scooters because they’re cheap, don’t fall asleep at the wheel, don’t ramble, don’t sexually assault them, and I could go on and on.

Uber’s happy they are making less money? More daily double speak.

There goes another quarter in the jar.
Cant wait for armed robbers taking the e bikes along with their possesions.

Stevie The magic Unicorn

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These things are making a mess in China,
People are using them but a literal mess....


Last year, bike sharing took off in China, with dozens of bike-share companies quickly flooding city streets with millions of brightly colored rental bicycles. However, the rapid growth vastly outpaced immediate demand and overwhelmed Chinese cities, where infrastructure and regulations were not prepared to handle a sudden flood of millions of shared bicycles. Riders would park bikes anywhere, or just abandon them, resulting in bicycles piling up and blocking already-crowded streets and pathways. As cities impounded derelict bikes by the thousands, they moved quickly to cap growth and regulate the industry. Vast piles of impounded, abandoned, and broken bicycles have become a familiar sight in many big cities. As some of the companies who jumped in too big and too early have begun to fold, their huge surplus of bicycles can be found collecting dust in vast vacant lots. Bike sharing remains very popular in China, and will likely continue to grow, just probably at a more sustainable rate. Meanwhile, we are left with these images of speculation gone wild—the piles of debris left behind after the bubble bursts.



dont worry in a year this is what happens to bike "share" businesses


these geniuses spend like 40K a bike seriously a better business model is just give everyone a bike & set up a patreon or gofundme for donations

billion dollar bike company valuations haha lunacy bizzaro

400 million dollars ill give everyone in 20+ states a bike ridiculous

oh the like .10 cheaper than what they pay drivers

cant make it up gotta subscribe to bikes now mother ef humanity gotta profit on everything if not burn it in a fire turn it into a teash heap