Uber's China counterpart, Didi Chuxing, is facing its own social media backlash #BoycottDidi


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Over the weekend, Chinese social media erupted with posts echoing the "Delete Uber" movement.

This time, the heat was on China's dominant ride hailing company, Didi Chuxing. A woman was allegedly raped and killed Friday by a driver for Didi's carpooling service in eastern China. The company's apparent failure to respond promptly to the woman's requests for help and a passenger complaint a day earlier about the same driver have become the focal points for complaints.

Police have arrested the driver, Didi fired two executives and it suspended the carpooling service.

Stevie The magic Unicorn

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I have a feeling that the Chinese penalty for criminal behavior from drivers will be swift and brutal.
No he's perfectly safe in the hands of the chinese justice system,

However he might fall down 4 flights of stairs in a one story building on the way to interrogation where he confesses and then falls up four flights of stairs before succumbing to his injuries and 3 bullet shaped pieces of metal fall on him at high velocity.
Not sure why they would suspend the program that has riders riding with other riders when it's less likely a psycho driver would pull something with other pax in the car. They should shut down the entire service until they revamp the complaint process.

With all of the fake complaints we've heard happening to drivers on this forum it's a really tough thing to have a process that doesn't punish drivers falsely accused while making sure bad drivers get kicked off. They really need to have a team of bright individuals to handle the complaints.