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Uber's CEO: ‘We are absolutely committed to self-driving cars’

Discussion in 'News' started by Jo3030, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Jo3030

    Jo3030 Moderator

    Washington DC
    Uber's CEO: ‘We are absolutely committed to self-driving cars’


    On March 18, one of the cars in Uber's self-driving vehicle pilot program hit and killed 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg as she was walking across the street in Tempe, Arizona. The next day, Uber halted its pilot programs in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Phoenix and Toronto.

    Despite this, Uber is still envisions self-driving cars a key part of its business.

    "[W]e are absolutely committed to self-driving cars," Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told Savannah Guthrie, co-host of NBC's "The Today Show," during an interview that aired Thursday.

    "This is an important technology," Khosrowshahi said.

    Khosrowshahi took over leadership of the ride-hailing technology company in August after co-founder Travis Kalanick stepped down in June.

    "Ultimately, self-driving cars will be safer than humans, but right now self-driving cars are learning," said Khosrowshahi of the technology, which is still being developed.

    "They're student drivers. You need a safety driver with a student driver. When that student driver graduates, it will be safer than humans," Khosrowshahi explained.

    In the meantime, Khosrowshahi said, Uber is coordinating with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), both governmental regulatory bodies.

    "What happened with Elaine Herzberg was an absolute tragedy and we are doing two things," said Khosrowshahi. "First of all, we are working with authorities at hand, NTSB, the N[H]TSA, they are the professionals in determining who is at fault. We don't want to get in their way and we are getting them all the data necessary so that they can make the determination of exactly what happened and why."

    Also, the tech executive said he has ordered a review of the safety processes of the self-driving-car testing program, which, he says, is still temporarily halted: "Right now our fleet is grounded to be safe," said Khosrowshahi.

    Electric vehicle company Tesla is also dealing with the fallout of a car accident involving self-driving technology. An Apple engineer, Walter Huang, was killed on March 23 while driving his 2017 Tesla Model X with Tesla's Autopilot systems engaged.

    In addition to speaking about Uber's long-term plan for self-driving cars, Khosrowshahi addressed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's recent testimony about user privacy on Capitol Hill.

    It "shows the challenges of technology getting into everyday life and the responsibilities that come with it...," said Khosrowshahi. He said he thinks the founders originally believed people would use the platforms for good.

    "I think that Silicon Valley is understanding that with building these platforms comes the responsibility to make sure that those platforms are being used for good and — the old days are over — and you have got to take this responsibility seriously and you have got to invest behind it," he said.

    Khosrowshahi he is working hard to keep Uber users' data secure: "I am confident that we are doing everything that we can. I am confident that we are investing very aggressively — it is one of the areas of greatest growth in investment at the company. You can never be too sure of yourself because if you are too sure of yourself that is when someone strikes so we continuously invest in data making sure that it is secure — it is an arms race," said Khosrowshahi.

    "What I can say is that we are using your data for you to make your experience better. We don't sell that data. We don't try to monetize it. The use of the data is for you, knowing where your home is, knowing where your work is etc. to make sure the service is as best as it can be for you."
  2. uberdriverfornow


    If he said they weren't committed to sdc's their stock would take a dump.

    We still can't believe anything Uber says, but we know they won't stop sdc's.
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  3. If you are ignorant enough to be a human beta tester "meat bag" guinea pig & take your hands off the wheel in a moving vehicle you deserve the culling that will occur. If you are too lazy to learn or be bothered to have the freedom to go 500+ miles for less than $50 anytime you please you also deserve the culling. Don't take for granted it used to take a week what now takes you an hour & people also risked death on those trip. How many times your phone or notebook crash? Ever heard of the pinto? These "companies" don't care about safety or they'd be sharing and trying to come up with an open platform, instead they all trying to be first to market so they can abuse the "natural" monopoly as if normal people can burn billions of dollars a quarter in hope of a profit in the year 2050.

    On average per day per state 1-2 people die in an automobile accident, 2-3 murder themselves, & less than 1 is murdered no self driving car can decrease that because of physics. Nothing can stop other thingd from hitting them, they dont hover, its metal & glass, you're water & meat, when one meets the other past certain speeds meat loses.

    Driving will be a necessary skill for a successful adult for decades to come. Do you really want to be dependent on the internet, cell phone service, electricity, enough credit in an account, an acceptable rating, & a stranger everytime you want to leave your plantation, i mean zip code? Ever been in an emergency, hurricane, fire, flood, tornado, police state, marshall law, 2 idiots with a pressure cooker? Do adultt women give men punani that don't own cars? Seriously I dont know I've owned one since i was 16, took 3 months of work & sacrafice to achieve such an accomplishment.

    Do people who cant afford cars really pay off their credit cards to zero every month or are they paying interest on those 41% off subsidized rides?

    A decent vehicle with insurance is $10-$15 per day $300-$450 if you can afford a chauffeur & private driver surely you can afford a car no?

    I travel thru 4 major cities late at night the traffic lights still cant tell theres no traffic, not even on timers, or flashing but a hundred million cars all going to be on some jetsons life 3 -5 years from now? I doubt many people would keep investing in companies if they said return on investment 2030s, so sounds like a good way to grow ponzis...

    Uber is losing 9000$ per second, 12 million per day already 13+ billion in the hole. Instead of eating their own dog food because theyre smart enough not to risk their lives, they employ a desperate felon meat bag with no qualifications to know or understand what the million dollars worty of tech is doing when it acts as a homeless lawnmower...

    96% of drivers fail because every uber ride on x or pool that doesn't go 10 miles without least a $5 tip, the driver loses money and is driving for less than free.

    Uber/lyft pays a 1971 minimum fare and 1965-1985 per mile/minute rates in 2018 in 90+% of markets. All to get rid of the driver? A driver can only do 20-30 rides a day, a self driving car would need to do 50,000 trips to equal paying grandpa simpson or apu $2 a ride lmao

    Paintball guns, nails left in front, eggs, bricks, cones, spray paint, bunch of geese taking a dump, mud puddles, bugs, will all turn these into paperweights on a daily basis...

    Do people really want every nose pick & ass scratch filmed? cameras will be mandatory in these things you know eye tracking for ad placement, facial recognition warrant scans since police will lose all their extortion revenue, also gotta be able to bill you for the snot wiped on the seat, the hair grease left on the window, & the condoms left on the floor...you really want to have private conversations in one of tbese things they have mics you know to speak to a paid human somewhere in case you need customer service like what can they do besides stop it & order you another car..

    self driving golf carts for disney land, malls, housewives in the culdesac i their gated communities to take em to strabucks or yoga makes sense in public roads in the 2030s is realistic but id still never trust any of these companies that already have my deaths settlement price set up in an algorithm somewhere...

    Ponzi ponzi ponzi madoff is so jelly... bizzaro on so many levels the amount of cool aide being guzzled

    this the same idiot that said a huuuge annoncement is coming

    then updates the app so people cant see the $4 fare you GROSSED in 2018 not 1971 when that was acceptable.....oh nooose dont rob me for my $4 like robbers dont just take the phone too lmao..... gives drivers worse maps AGAIN to try & hide pick up address even more..... instead of paying drivers for short rides keeps em in a queue for 6 hours as an apology for not paying them the first time lmao....oh showed off an 82 year old man that in no way shape or form should be driving people in a professional manner....911 built in for riders when drivers are assaulted 1000 times more hey moron they can dial 911, im driving can i get a 1 press 911 lmao, doesnt offer discounts on dash cams, partitions, rider verified accounts because who cares we'll have another driver replace em by next year

    absolutely everything this company does is calculated evil just enjoy the ride
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  4. Rakos


    Tampa Bay
    Why don't you tell the monkey...

    How you REALLY feel...8>O

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  5. Perfection.
  6. so a poor kid in the hood ghost rides his whip & kills someone, what you think happens?

    some rich dudes puts a ghost ride your whip buttons in cars & it somehow becomes legal to take your hands off the steering wheel on the highway?

    how is taking your hands off the steering wheel in an automobile legal and texting while driving is not? this isnt proven tech theyre making the public who pays for the roads human guinea pigs
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  7. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    I'm sure Khosrowshahi meant to say "we are doing three things." Besides the top two Uber is paying off state politicians and the family members of victims who were killed by Uber in their plight to greatness.
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  8. Uber is absolutely committed to pouring $billion$ down the drain.

    Self driving cars will be one of the final nails in Uber's coffin.
  9. MHR

    MHR Moderator

    Open sourced SDC's is what they need to do. Stop friggin treating this as if it's Russia v. the US trying to get to the moon first.

    All these companies want to be "the one". They would be far better off (in my mind) if they would each stick to the areas they know best and collaborate.
  10. Yeah but you’re not supposed to think about that. You’re supposed to stare at your phone like a good zombie
  11. Or SDC success make uber a Trillion dollar international company.

    To quote Dara Khosrowshahi “Failure is not an option”

    Bottom line
    I Never say Never
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  12. Drivincrazy


    Las Vegas, NV
    Clogging up the airports with hesitant and confused sdc's is not an option. They will be towed in minutes and barred in days. No mistakes allowed at busy airports. All the sdc tech people should do about 200 actual dropoffs in heavy traffic to understand the contentious nature of maneuvering at the airports. I've done 2,000+ in LV, so I offer this as a bit of solid advice. GL.
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  13. SDC will have their own designated exclusive lanes and wait area. Non SDC WILL NOT have access to these lanes.
    Passengers using traditional taxis will see the ease in which SDC come and go without the hassle of dealing with human drivers and congestion.
    Next time they’ll do SDC
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  14. Drivincrazy


    Las Vegas, NV
    Maybe, maybe not. They are presently too slow. Perhaps they will pickup speed as time goes by. I think they will be about 25% slower when in traffic. Clear roads... they will likely do fine, barring unforeseen circumstances. I bet there will be some, though.
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  15. Agreed. Maybe, maybe not
  16. observer

    observer Moderator

    long beach
    [W]e are absolutely committed to self-driving cars," Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told Savannah Guthrie,

    They just might not be "Uber" self driving cars.
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  17. father of unicorns

    father of unicorns

    What if rideshare and mccarren decide to create a designated drop off lane for rideshare. The cars would drop off at each terminal, but not necessarily at each airline? On T3 they could design a lane where the buses drop off and T1 they could do the same. Just a thought.
  18. dirtylee


    1. Uber won't be around then, maybe as patent trolls.
    2. LMAO
    3. If sdc launched next week, kiss the US economy bye bye. If you can teach it to drive, you can teach it to do damn near anything.
    4. World War IV will be fought with sticks & stones.
  19. Drivincrazy


    Las Vegas, NV
    I wonder if cops will issue traffic citations to driverless cars for any infraction. How will the car know to pull over? Will they be treated preferentially? What if there are open containers of alcohol inside? What if they become drug mobiles? What if they become a vehicle for any extra curricular activity...you know what I mean. Drunk pax will do just about anything they think they can get away with.
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