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Had a couple of pax the other day talking about uberpool in the US, apparently the choice was a $4.50 public transport and 45 minutes, or $5 for uber pool and 15 minutes....
Equally they admitted it was "weird" sitting in the same car as randoms. I think the small enclosed space plus the small number of people in the car makes it feel like an intimate setting with strangers, while on a bus/train you have more space, or its unless crowded, so either way there is no "intimate" feeling to it.....

Imagine having 4 pax with uber pool.... pretty crowded in the back in pretty much every car :smiles:


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Its an Uber rip off.. You get the fare from A-B which might be $20 & along the way you pick up 2 randoms who each pay $18 each for their ride... So uber gets paid $36, pays you the $20 and pockets the difference & still charge you 25% for the privilege of being ripped off :mad: