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Jonathan B

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I have been looking for an answer to this question all over Uber's help boards and even emailed them but have yet received a satisfactory answer so any serious answer would be greatly appreciated.

Say you receive an Uberpool request (and you accept it.) You arrive at the passenger's destination, He/She hops in the car and start the trip. You look at the address and verify with the Pax that they are going to "123 Main Street." Pax then says "no, that's my old home address that was stored in the phone, I really need to go to 321 Main Ave (20 miles in the opposite direction.)"

So, What is the correct protocol that a driver is supposed to follow.

Take them to the correct address while declining potential pool matches along the way and lowering your acceptance rate? end the trip and tell the pax to request another Uber with the correct address?

This would also apply to Lyft Line as well.

I have been on the road for Nine months and have never been given a clear answer on this.

Stray cat

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I don't know the answer for sure but I will take a guess. I don't think the Pool always is a pre-set stack? Rider should have to enter 321 Main Avenue at start of trip as new destination. Then proceed with trip, picking up any new ping's along way to new destination.

Pool rider can't game system by maintaining false destination in app going opposite direction from potential poolers. Only can screw around while on UberX.

Another Uber Driver

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Tell them that the requirement for using Uber Pool or Lyft Line is that they enter a destination and go only to that destination with no changes or stops. If they are not going to that destination, they must cancel the order and re-submit it. If the ping comes to you, you can accept it, but, I tell them that they must take whatever driver acknowledges the ping.

I would make the customer cancel. You should, as a driver, cancel sparingly, as Uber holds cancel-by-driver against you, even if the cancellation is legitimate, such as "rider no show", "rider not at address" and the like.

There is a price to being cheap. Some riders try to get around paying it.