UberPeople.net merchandise, now available for purchase


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Hey fellow UP.Net members,

Do you love this forum as much as I do? I think so, because I see most of you all here almost everyday. Now there is a way of showing your fondness for this community that many of you have expressed as feeling like a second family and home away from home. As of today, UberPeople.net merchandise has now become available for purchase.

As you can see we have an array of hoodies, t-shirts, hats and coffee mugs all displaying the site name and UP logo. Of course where would any UberPeople.net merchandise be without including the lovable Ant?

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With the apparel, there's a wide variety of colors to chose from.​

We here at UberPeople.net are working with Printify to bring this merchandise to you. All product is “print on demand” and all orders placed will be printed and shipped by them. They do not offer refunds or exchanges (all sales are final) so please check the sizing carefully, we are using a very common brand - Gildan.

Payment options at this time is through PayPal. (Note: you do not need a PayPal account.)

I have already placed an order for myself. A few T-shirts and other merchandise. As with all Create to Demand type retailers, I received a confirmation via email that my order has been received. Within a couple of days I will receive another email informing me that my order has been shipped. I should expect 7-10 days standard shipping, but as we nudge closer into the holiday season, of course this shipping time could vary.

For those overseas UberPeople.net members, we apologize for the higher shipping cost. We are looking into adding supplier closer to you locale to better remedy this situation.

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We need to add more merchandise:

Unemployment dot net
Instacart dot net
Amazon dot net
TrumpSucks dot net

...because those are the only thread topics anymore.