UberLondon threatening drivers to deactivate them


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Unfortunately right after Uber won the case against TfL it started to take it on drivers and threatening them with deactivated their accounts temporarily or permanently if they Don’t accept jobs and take their confirmation rate to at least 80% although they still saying it’s within our right to not accept but they still will take action against those drivers.

We all know uber it’s about surge prices otherwise it’s not worth it.

Since Uber won the case and the system have changed for example
The drivers with very high confirmation rate get the best surge jobs but you will have to do at least 5 jobs before thinking of good surge job and can be long trip too so basically he can easily make 200-300 in 6-8 hours so now on the other hand we have the old drivers who still plot for good surge jobs and they used to do it better than others we talking about 700 from 16 trip with the new “Uber” it’s game over for them as Uber threatening them to deactivate them temporarily or permanently if they keep doing it as it harming the business and now those drivers if they plot for good surge they won’t get anything in fact I know someone who have to do 70 trip to make 500 and hardly get any surge jobs and uber killing his confirmation rate by giving them the old requests and none surge and they have to take them or get deactivated. Because uber made a such a change it’s now hardly surging and if it surge it will switch from area to another in less than a min so just the lucky one will get surge from now on or uber snitches as uber made it clear that’s some drivers reported to them and we all know when ppl start snitching its going down faster than the way up.

I know well over 50 drivers 90% went for local minicab for better income.

The freedom isn’t freedom if you limit it.

I personally got a v class and doing airport transfer 300-4500 4-6 jobs a day other than my direct links for long bookings I don’t need uber and drive a Prius just to make bucket money.

Bigger car bigger expenses yes that’s right but it’s bigger money too.