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Ubering in oxford

Discussion in 'Birmingham, UK' started by Uberbrumdriver, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. i recently went down to oxford to visit someone and managed to log online, i had tried in the past to log on there but it would say im not allowed to operate in that area. Anyway i have 2 questions if anyone can help,

    Is it legal to work there? I have a solihull plate by the way,

    And secondly if anyone has workd there (i noticed a uber drivers were working there) can we go through oxford high street which is on,y allowed for private hire, hackneys and buses
  2. uberupnorth


    Yes you'd be able to work there, same way in which you can work in Birminghan with a Solihull plate.
  3. 2savage


    Palisades NY
    If you fire up the app and it doesn't give you the message 'you are not authorized to work in this location' then you should get rides. At least that's how it is with the app here in USA. I'm allowed to work in New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, but not the five boroughs of NYC. I can drop off in NYC but not pick up.

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