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Ubering after Dec.4

Discussion in 'Montreal' started by VUT, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. VUT

    VUT Member

    Drivers now need to have C4. Are there less drivers on the road ? Is pay better in December ?
  2. DanQcCa

    DanQcCa New Member

    Quebec, Quebec, canada
    I cannot said less driver but i can said it is not paying better because the per ride pay is the same AND it is not enought for me to continu that job.
    From what i saw, if you work friday and saturday after 21h till 05h you will have more chance to work during the multiplication of the cost (majoration). It's the only time it pay enought.

    During normal hour without majoration i was close to 9$/h after the fuel removed from my revenue. It pay more at Tim Horton because you will received tip and no car repair.

    You need a car bellow 7L/100km to help a bit your hourly rate.
  3. Mtluber

    Mtluber New Member

    How good is income now?

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