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Marco D'alleva
October 6 at 10:23am

We only have 10 days left until the start of our nationwide strike. It is important to use these hashtags for every city you are in because #Uber also uses them to spread their false social media propaganda.

For example, if you are from #Houston and will be using the hashtag #UberStrikeHouston on your posts you must also use #UberHOUSTON along with it to make it easier for search engine algorithms to associate one with the other. Using the #UberStrikeHouston alone will have minimal impact, but using it along with #UberHOUSTON will have major impact. Encourage everyone to follow this simple process and more people, INCLUDING PASSENGERS, will find out about our strike. Bellow please find some examples.

#UberAUGUSTA #UberStrikeAugusta
#UberBALTIMORE #UberStrikeBaltimore
#UberNYC #UberStrikeNYC
#UberLA #UberStrikeLA

#BoycottUber #BoycottLyft #Lyft #UberX #UberDATA #UberTurns5 #TravisKalanick #JohnZimmer #BetterRides #WhyILyft or don't! #UberStrike


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I'm wishing the best for this strike, but I'm not sure if we'll see any immediate effects. Also, I'm busy that weekend and won't be driving anyway (aside from my personal indefinite Uber driver boycott) so I'm not sure I really count as a striker.

#UberStrikeHouston #uberhouston #effUber


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UberRach said:
I'm not sure if we will see any immediate effects.
We probably will not see any immediate effects. We do not know until we try.

You may not consider yourself on strike b/c you will be busy that weekend. Consider yourself a "supporter" of the strike since you do not speak against it. :smiles:

There will be a meeting of drivers this Saturday morning.


It is mostly a meet & greet your fellow drivers and put a name & face to the avatars. Please come.
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Guys, I just want to add something here... I have tried to get this to the top but they are not listening to anyone... but the truth is that this is not a STRIKE. A STRIKE is when a workforce stops working UNTIL DEMANDS ARE MET. But we already have an end date to this movement.. they said that weekend.. and that's it. Well that is called a WORK STOPPAGE.. and it is meant to show that the workers have the POWER to STRIKE.... unless demands are met.. Strikers will all look like idiots when the demands and not met and they all go back to work the next day.. at least use the CORRECT terminology so you get your point across without looking like losers who ran a STRIKE but went back to work anyway. Its a WORK STOPPAGE..


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That message came from someone who is part of the team who got it rolling. Abe Hussein made the video; there are others doing work behind the scenes.

The reason for #UberHOUSTON is in the letter.

Uber Off!
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I couldn't find the thread where I mentioned the strike dates might coincide with Houston hosting the first two games of the ALCS, so I'll just use this thread. If Houston does move on, and if my baseball calculating is correct, they would be the lower seed no matter what, so they would be the away team on Friday and Saturday of the strike weekend.

Should Houston move to the ALCS, there will still be plenty of partying. All of my rides today were surges.