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In my brief one month experiment driving for Uber it is pretty clear that investors come first. I think the long term recipe for success in business that require one to one interaction with customers should almost always be...

Happy employees/contractors, make for happy customers which lead to happy investors.

Although I'm seeing Uber rake in the dough from an investor standpoint I'm hearing a lot of negative feedback from the driver community. I drive for fun and for the sport when I can. However, the lack of transparency (i.e. Gross Fares), questionable marketing tactics (like advertising dollars made per hour in Cincy at $28/hr; no asterisk) and overall income (Net less than $12/hr) is not truly enticing after my small sample size (200 rides)

Unfortunately, I will likely be taking myself out of service rather than carrying the torch of hospitality for a company that is far too focused on revenues and not enough on their "Partners". Worst partner I ever had to date.