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Some of the UBEReats drivers are eating their deliveries. Is the struggle that bad for full-time drivers now? I can just imagine it, after doing X/XL for 10 hrs, driver accepts an EATs order, parks on the opossite block from drop off, waits 10 minutes and eats away. Thoughts?


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This was from the U.K. and posted over a year ago. :confused:

Having used the service a number of times and giving atleast a $3 tip each time I havn’t had an issue. I also choose a further restaurant if available so its atleast a better ride for the person delivering. Ive had delivery come via bicycles, scooter, motorcycle and cars that would never meet the Uber requirements for driving people. Also Ive noticed many more tag team efforts i.e. Guy and his Gf or a mom/daughter tandem. I only tried delivery for Ubereats for about a week in the early stages when launched in Hudson county and I opted out primarily because of Hoboken pickups. Its a good option mainly for those who are unable/dont want to sign up as regular drivers.
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