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UberEats v. Takeout Central


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With UberEats having apparently started here in Asheville now, I thought I'd start a discussion thread to see drivers' experiences and whatnot. From what I read on here, it doesn't sound super enticing, especially with Uber's discouraging of tipping. If I wanted to deliver food, I think there are much better local options imho. The biggest advantage is all the tourists who visit town with the UberEats app already and so used to using it.

Then there is Takeout Central. I see them driving around town all the time and they also have exclusive contracts with certain restaurants. I don't know what they charge the restaurants, but UE charges restaurants a 30% commission iirc. TC actually encourages tipping and pays a small fee per delivery and is also work when you want. I see plenty of TC drivers with Uber/Lyft stickers as well. Can anyone chime in and give some first-hand information and experiences?
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