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UberEats Support acknowledging a problem with the tipping


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Thanks good read, i wonder why they dont fix the glitch is it because they don't want us making extra $? Do they think that customers will not order more because they have to tip?


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Damn this def an issue. There’s no way that many people didn’t opt in for tipping. As if it weren’t hard enough getting tips

I got one single in app tip out of my last 27 orders
That's brutal. I was 1/14 yesterday


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0/14 today so thats 1/41. Its so obvious they're doing something they're not even being smooth about it. I understand tips suck on UE but this is mathematically impossible. I go all out and maintain 100% rating at least give me 1/5 tips damn


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Uber's corporate culture is rotten to the core. They can run all the ads they want telling the world how they've changed but this company is toxic through and through. Stealing tips from drivers. Sheesh. That is so pathetic.
When a customer clicks on the rate/tip notification. The tip screen flashes and then goes away. Like there is a bug in the app. I guess most customers just give up.

My experience on iPhone 7
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