UberEATS pay difference

I've noticed the pay has been a little better recently. I need to make a trip down to the Hub, but curious if anyone else can confirm this.

Quick background. I took 5 weeks off starting in June. When I came back online I noticed the drastic cuts to pick up and drop off fees. I had multiple back and forths with support, but ultimately gave in that this was the way it was.

However, all of my trips from June 12 - Aug 28 showed Pickup at $1.88 and Dropoff at $0.65. After adding the Uber service fee. The split was always 65% me, 35% Uber.

Since Aug 29 the Pickups are $2.17 and Dropoffs $0.75 and mileage is slighly higher. All trips now after adding the Uber service fee are the straight 75% / 25% split.

So, if the latter is correct, then I have nearly 400 EATS trips that were at a 65/35 split. Which adds up to about $240 I'm short.

Anyone else experience the difference?
FYI, went to the Hub this morning. Turns out that when I had them split my account into 3 separate "vehicles", one for eats only, one for rides only and one combined, their was lack of communication and the EATS only was set up as a true "EATS only" specific account. They have different requirements for people that sign up to do EATS only mostly around vehicle eligibility. Those accounts are 65/35. Would have liked the courtesy of them telling me that when then split out the accounts. Now that the new selection option is there, the merged accounts puts me back to normal. No back pay of course...