Ubereats major issue


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I have a major problem going on with my ubereats account, firstly my app keep freezing on ( you are online) as soon as I online and it doesn't say finding trips.. Doesn't matter how many times I log off then log in but no help..
Secondly, if it work luckily then, after few delivery trips it completely stopped working and it says you are online and finding trips but in real I won't be able to get any delivery, doesn't matter how busy place I go to or go to city, all is happening I won't get any delivery request while heaps of other drivers from other areas keep coming and doing it and my app won't let me give any requests
I am literally wasting my time and I don't get anything, now a days I do Max 2-3 delivery each day from 4pm till 10 pm during peak time and I always go to busy busy areas which I am very familier and I go to city but no helps.i been really annoyed and frustrated because I can't make money.
I have done all methods of troubleshooting phone but no luck .
I have deleted the app so many times and reinstall but no work, I even change mobile phone with different network but same problem and even I use my tablet with another provider with strong internet but no luck
I even did factory reset in my all devices no luck.
I already been to greenlight hub soany times but they can't fix it and even they keep repeating same words like go to busy area etc etc. I am a ubereats driver and driving for three years and I know the all places and I never ever have any issues in past years.
But this issues started one month ago
But no solution
Even they made a new account for me but still same issues and I have a lots of friends who do uber eats they never have a issues and the drive the same area I do but they get easily 25 trips between 4-9 pm
But I get either 2 or 3 and sometimes one
Because app somehow not giving me delivery, any solution please to fix this. Thanks