UberEats in Mississauga now!


I've done Eats for a while: pays about the same as X in the end, and a nice break from people.

Gotten more tips from delivery than live pax.

Did InstantEats once. Never again.

Have had one Eats in Miss since they it started there: my part was $18 and change after Uber cut. Donno how they will make money after the promo ends. Not my prob: I'll take the dough.


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No típs at all. Waste time door to door delivery. If you get s parking ticket your day is over. Instant eat is no good too. After your run, lunch bags much be returned to the trailer without any compensate for your times, and gas.


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If you only drive UberX; consider doing Uber Eats at certain times - the payout is way better than UberX