Ubereats account suspended

As a customer not driver, I requested a meal and the app gave me an error message. Sent a screenshot to support. They replied saying they suspended my account for violating terms and conditions. I have no idea what they are talking about and I order food from eats occasionally. I asked them what T&Cs I violated and they responded saying we considered and we will not lift out the suspension. Freaking templates they haven't even read my message. Responded back and they stopped answering me. Called their number and they said they is a specialist team handling your request and we don't have access.
Did this happen to anyone? I'm not getting an answer and I totally have no idea what has happened



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Its super rare they do that but its usually a charge back, maybe a weird login could trigger something, possible hacking. Spoofing location can do it if you play pokemon, a lot of things.


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It is likely a email or phone number multiple accounts causing it to trigger a fraud alert. I had my personal and driver information separate and finally had to get them all merged.

My driver account was actually deactivated but once I went into the hub they saw the issue and resolved it.