UberDelivery: Success rate of seat-back decal


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Do you do Uber Delivery? Do you hang the decal on the back of your seat advertising your unique sign up code? How often do you get the referral bonus ($10 credit)?

Ms Stein Fanboy

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My boyfriend snuck his into my car before I noticed... He hasn't gotten any referrals, lol.
Wow, a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. No wonder yr always mad at him. (I've only heard of him twice, and both times u were mad, so that's "always", but I'd probably strangle someone who hung tacky shit in my car for others to see wihout my permission. Then I'd rethink why I have that person around. I can't 3ven bring myself to a tipping sign cuz it's too tacky tho, so I may be he crazy one here)