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Just a question. I have a car now that I can use XL on. How is the business on the XL side of Uber? Just looking for any feedback.

Thank you in advance.


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Did you start driving with XL? I'm currently car shopping and wonder if there are enough XL rides to make it worth buying an XL qualified vehicle.

warrior lady

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I drive XL in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland metro area. I am most likely to get XL requests Thursday night- Saturday night. Mostly college kids going to and from the bars and clubs. We have many colleges in this area. Also now that it is tourist season, I get XL tourist groups sometimes, and XL groups going to conventions/conferences. The other times I get lot of XL are to and from concerts and all kinds of sports games.Also sometimes get XL at airport with 4 or less riders but have a lot of bags. Get a fair amount of bachelor/bachelorette XL groups also.

ALso, sometimes extra tall riders or riders of "size," will order XL because they don't want to be crammed into a Uber X car, often a tiny Prius.

My area is probably a lot busier than yours, but if you do a little research you probably have enough opportunities to make decent $ driving XL. Especiaslly if you have an airport, concerts, sporting events, colleges, and a good sized bar or club area.

I drive a 2013 Dodge caravan. It has an economy, gas saving mode. If you buy an XL vehicle, I highly suggest one with a economy or energy-saving mode.