Uber(xl) is Dr. evil (proof)

Another Uber Driver

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^^^^^Allright, but where is the cat who lost his hair? .........or did my GF's Tweety Birds do away with it?

As everyone knows, Tweety Bird is hazardous to the health of bad ol' puddy 'tats.


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Dude I totally feel ya. I wasn't out Thursday night, but Friday night totally sucked for XL. Last night was good though. Made $150 with only 60 miles.


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Hard for xl now during the week. Best days are Thursday - Saturday. If I go out during the week I hope to snag a few x surges to do ok but without the surges , it's slow for xl


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That's $50hr, must have had some big surges in there.
it was luck i guess, had couple from DC to VA rides, which was like $30-40/ride, and then one from Echostage to Falls church ( stop 1) and then to Arlington (stop 2) which is around $87, and then went back to DC, from DC to alexandria , which is like another $40. did some small rides in VA for $20-30