UBER X v UberXL Ratings


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I have an XL vehicle. At least a couple times each weekend an Uber fare comes in for UberX. All of a sudden I have 5-6 people in my truck. Fine, I understand i can do a fare review, but I believe when I do, the next day my rider rates me low.

IDK what to do. I only started doing fare reviews the last two weeks (only been driving for about two months) and my ratings are lower than ever. I used to be a constant 4.9-5 now the last two weeks it's 4.68 and 4.4.

I also KNOW I got jobbed on ratings because of a surge last week, but it's still more than that.

I'm really frustrated, but need advice on clearing this with Uber. It's just not right that fares can rate you after they've gotten the bill and after they've tried to screw you over.

Do I just let the money go and rate them low? They'll look at the ratings in the morning and rate me low, so IDK.

Tim In Cleveland

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Start waiting longer to submit the fare review. You do not have to submit them immediately. Jot them down noting the pickup/drop off so you can find it later. NO! Do not waive money due you. Why are you taking X fares in an XL vehicle? I hope it's at least a surge or it's not worth it. Let those pings expire.