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Uber X in Orlando

Discussion in 'Orlando' started by ChristopherHouston89, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Hey ya'll,

    I'm going to be moving to Orlando (Winter Springs/Seminole County to be exact) in a month to take care of my parents.

    Till I find a full time job I figure I will be Ubering / Lyft to make some money. I know I have to get my car which is currently registered in Texas over to Florida plates / DL and such so thats not an issue.

    I wanna know how is the market in Orlando / Central Florida. Currently I live in Houston TX, & I can pull $100 in roughly 4-5 hours, working early AM shifts 4am-9am (Usually Airport Runs & people going to work) and then in the PM 4-9pm.

    Can I expect the same? Any recommendations?
  2. HotUberMess


    More like <$100 in 8-9 hours with split shifts. Plus Orlando has just as much construction as Houston.
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  3. Lawlet91


    $300 a week is a hopefull top not accounting for random high surge (which is rare to nonexistant here in orlando) if you want to make money here your better off working mcdonalds. or if you dont mind working 12 hour shifts go apply at Mears instead of wasting time ruining your vehicle
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  4. New Uber

    New Uber

    Oh boy. We've had this same question before. Orlando is not Houston. Orlando is not a Metro city. You're in for a huge disappointment.
  5. Mars Troll Number 4

    Mars Troll Number 4

    $100 here is probobly closer to 8-12 hours.. sorry but it sucks here.

    I would expect to make about $7-$10 an hour on average. With Easter and conventions going full blast we are in the $10.00 an hour season.

    There is an off season, but that is pretty much just September, i would expect to make approximately $4.00-5.00 an hour in the off season.

    All of this is before expenses of course.

    In all honesty, you won't make much doing this, compared to doing it in any other city.

    The root cause of the difference is that the per mile per minute rates here are beyond horrible.

    No joke just 53c a mile 8c a minute on uberX.

    A 10 mile 15 minute fare is only like $7 paid to you...

    Yeah i'm not joking in the least it's really that bad.
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  6. Yuri Lygotme

    Yuri Lygotme

    Orlando, FL
    You will make way more and drive way less working for SHIPT, DELIV, INSTACART, etc...
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  7. touberornottouber


    Volusia County, FL
    Orlando has some of the lowest pay to the driver in the country. The traffic is also horrible. On top of this you'll have no idea as to the roads and will totally be reliant on the GPS. If you try this I give it about a 50% chance that you will have an accident within the first two weeks.

    I've lived in the Orlando area for about 2 years but currently reside in Daytona. Even I will not drive in Orlando other than to drop someone off. The pay is too low. The traffic is too bad. And despite living there before for two years I feel like I don't know the roads.
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  8. Lolinator


    is miami better
  9. New Uber

    New Uber

    Once upon a time Miami was awesome. But they are overloaded with drivers aka "ants"
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