UBER X drivers should demand rate rise

Spock B

I have driven for Uber for over twelve months and during this time seen the following;

Uber discontinues providing monthly 1099.
Uber discontinues downloads of fare details.
Uber raised their booking fee by almost double.
Uber and the city get more for a minimum fare ride than a driver.
Uber is collecting 50c per ride from rides originating outside Orleans parish in violation of agreement.
Uber is allowing vehicles registered in any state to pick up passengers in Orleans parish in violation of agreement.
Rate hikes of nearly 40c per mile for XL drivers as well as time hike to 30c per minute.
A rate increase of 6c per mile for Uber X.
App does not allow driver to alter either pickup point or destination thanks to Uber's upfront pricing model.
Uber taking approximately 30% on average using upfront pricing.
Gas prices have risen on average of 30c per gallon.
Enterprise not renting Uber vehicles anymore and Hertz jacking up their rentals by nearly 20%.

The majority of riders have no clue as to how little a driver really makes from a ride. I find those that do have generally been the ones who are now tipping.

It is about time that Uber provided a decent change in X rates as well as raising the minimum fare by at least a dollar to $5.

Of course this won't happen unless drivers going to the only place you can speak to a real person do so. So every time you go into the office tell them you want a price change to at least $1.10 per mile and a time increase to 25c per minute in parity with what xl driver's receive. Notify them of the facts above. If drivers are to be held to certain requirements then so should Uber.