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Uber worse under travis or dara


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Dara Khosrowshahi Is a consummate businessman with impressive CV and zero interest in driver welfare cause we’re not part of his future plans and there’s an unending supply of drivers.

Khosrowshahi disgust & hatred of drivers, I believe psychologically stems from his Iranian background and having underprivileged distant relatives that were taxi drivers in Pakistan & India. He thinks we’re lazy and dirty, dragging down any economy we reside in. Khosrowshahi will do whatever he can to make our lives more miserable each and every day.

Knowing the unending driver supply Khosrowshahi wants us the quit.

Travis Kalanick is a visionary who got Uber off the ground but unsuited to bring it to the next level because of congenital mental defect
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Uber is way way way worse under Dara. At least we made good money under Travis. Dara expects you to work for free.
No, not work for free,

Khosrowshahi Wants you to quit. He doesn’t need u, he doesn’t want u.
If he had it his way he’d charge drivers $100 monthly just to have app access
And then lower the fare.

We are where we Are Not Wanted


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Things are infinitely worse under Dara. Dara doesn't care about anything except making a $100 Billion IPO a reality to collect his $100 Million bonus, and he'll sacrifice driver welfare without batting an eye to get it. He's proven this multiple times as rates tank, drivers get smaller "bonuses," surge disappears, and as drivers are cheated. None of it will change until either the board fires Dara or IPO is completed.

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Dara Khosrowshahi Khosrowshahi Khosrowshahi Khosrowshahi
Dara. Dara
Dara. Dara Dara

Mine makes twelve votes for Mr. Khosrowshahi: tee hee , New2This and I voted once, each, Zdriver19 voted twice, Fozzie voted three times and transporter007 voted four times.

And asking us to pay for the lube
WHAT lube? Not only to Fubar and Gryft not use any lubrication, if you try to bring your own, they take it away from you before they begin.

Rachel Holt.

I guess that since she does not hold the title of Top Banana, she is eligible only for Dishonourable Mention.


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No Drivers = No Revenue
Dara better be careful what he wishes for because as of today and quite a few years into the foreseeable future, fully functioning revenue-generating SDCs are still a pipe dream.
SDC are not a factor when there is an unending supply of drivers.
100 quit, 1000 take their place
It does not matter: No experience, lots of experience, English, no English, no brains
High turn over is SOP @ this non employee low skill level
Management expects it
and they don’t care

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Ugh... well for now I'm going to keep working and buying stock in tech companies. Hopefully this or next year will be my last w uber...