Uber wins right to contest English tests for London drivers


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LONDON (Reuters) - London’s transport regulator will delay the introduction of new English language requirements for private-hire drivers after Uber [UBER.UL] won the right to appeal against the plans, which could cost the ride-hailing service thousands of drivers.

The San Francisco-based company, which offers an app that allows people to book journeys on their smartphones, lost a March court battle against Transport for London (TfL) -- one of a number of setbacks as authorities crack down on the business -- but was granted an appeal on Tuesday

Uber has cited TfL data showing that the language criteria, which would involve written tests for many, could mean about 33,000 private-hire drivers out of a total of around 110,000 operating in London would be unable to renew their licenses.

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Perhaps it's worth pointing out that SF Taxi regulations require Taxi drivers to read and speak in English. (And get drug-tested.... I can't wait for Uber to be forced into the drug-testing regulations.)