Uber will shut down Xchange ( starting today)


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They will heavy partner with Hertz till Uber Driver's bankrupt Hertz too. Shouldn't take long, Hertz is hurting bigly.

We need to inform Ants about the Tax Perils of renting. Most seem to be blind to the tax implications of no mileage writeoff on rental vehicles.
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There will be other predators lurking, Wall St. will come up with a working formula, they will adjust the numbers and put cars out for super desperate people. Now everyone should follow getoutofmycar and really shaft these thieves.


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When Uber's vehicle solutions partner BAMA went under. They cut off included services at the deslerships, then said get services and submit reciepts for lease credit.

Lots of drivers didn't turn in the reciepts, or just stopped servicing their cars.

How was that for a Vehicle Solution-Bankrupt and gone.


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As long as they are current in their lease they cant break the lease by taking the cars back....

If drivers actually make all the payments then they are making a small profit on that car ....

The problem is that most like me cant or dont and that where the huge losses are...

There will be a few thousand cars that remain out there until they they crash or give out at 250k miles..... I intend to wring every last god damn nickel out of mine!
How long are the leases? And I thought they took payment straight out of Uber pay? I know you drive lyft, so other drivers are doing the same or are they just not driving anymore and keeping the cars?

Dj Khaled

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36 month with about an $8,000 option to buy at the end (LOL its worth about that at less than 18 months)....

You would have to either drive for Lyft, PM, Flex or just use it for regular transportation yes cause Uber auto deducts the payments from earnings...

Uber can eat rocks with my $5,000 in past due payments and $400 in fuel charges.......and they STILL pay for my 70 dollar oil chamges every 3 weeks!
lol how's your credit man ?