Uber will now let you know when you’re being a total jerk to your driver


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Behavior modification therapy, via a company that has its share of bad habits

Uber is announcing a few notable changes today, starting with a new feature that allows drivers to offer an additional layer of feedback to unruly riders. Working off the assumption that no one likes IRL confrontation, drivers can now choose from a preselected list of reasons to explain why they rated a passenger as less than five stars. So the next time you take too long getting in the car, or you have a loud phone conversation in the back seat, you’ll be hearing about it from your Uber driver.

The update will ask drivers “what went wrong” if they select a four-star rating or less. They can then choose from a list of reasons: “wait time,” “patience,” “number of riders,” “attitude,” “wanted new route,” or “other.” If a rider gets the same “tag” twice within 30 days, a notification will appear when they open the Uber app to let them know that their behavior is affecting their rating.

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