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UBER want's driver's to fail?


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I have reached the unavoidable conclusion that UBER want's driver's to fail. It wants to get a few hundreds rides out of you before the reality of how little it pays or before the ratings system forces you out. No matter how high they set the bar it has to be obtainable. Thus some people can handle the ratings system (3 complaints out of 200 deactivates a driver.) but most can't. You are still learning at 200 rides.

In some weird big business way this constant turnover in drivers makes sense. But not for the riders who are stuck in the same immature service year after year.
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If we were employees with full benefits, and getting annual increases, it might make sense to want turnover after a certain length of time. Higher paid people replaced with lower paid people makes sense then. But they would probably be happy with the same number of drivers if they knew how many is enough. No more sign on bonuses, more consistent service.


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They can only see their soon coming UBER IPO when they will all become rich.

Then, they reason, we can figure out how to run it.


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I disagree with previous poster. If drivers are making plenty of money, they tend to go home. If drivers are broke or must make exorbitant weekly/monthly car payments, then drivers must stay on the road, ready to provide rides. Uber is always trying to fake surge drivers into getting off the couch and hitting the road with app on. This opinion is based on 6,700+ L & U rides.

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Uber doesn't want professional competent drivers. They want the part timers, they want the slightly desperate drivers that will put up with the Uber bs to make "just enough." Despite what they say, they want the driver turnover. It helps them keep the rates low and allows them to keep altering the rate structure to favor Uber more and more - the drivers who get sick of it quit, and new drivers who don't know any better come in to replace them.


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The algorithm calculates. It will pay what it has to, to stay alive. As long as there are replacements, retention is irrelevant. The exception is the perfect ant who stays dumb. He is the most preferred driver. Pax like a dependable servant. The pay will continue to drop as long as there are replacements. They might even know with precision, the point of diminishing returns. The replacement drivers are the glue. Retention is mostly irrelevant. Long term drivers are good for PR. If financially beneficial enough they can be elevated. Would you become the man if they offered it to you? If paid would you come up with strategies to pay drivers less? Could you thrive in the corporate jungle? Would you eat me?
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