Uber vs. Lyft


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Due to an Uber/Chekr mistake, it’s 7-15 business days til I can possibly get help with my account so I’ve been solely driving Lyft for a week. I’m finding this to be unfortunate as I’m like half as busy with Lyft only and it’s really distressing. I know the obvious: Uber’s more popular, being at the right places at the right times (staying away from RDU unless empty late nights) and all that. I’m just finding it WAY slower than Uber, again about 50% of my Uber pings and of course, no surges. Maybe it’s the week before the 4th or classes start back up next week so hoping it’s just an off week. Anyone else seeing the same? I can make decent cheese with Uber but Lyft alone isn’t cutting it. Heading out shortly to what I hope is a good night!

P.S. Chekr came back saying my Florida license expired in 2015 so my Uber account is on hold. No s##t Sherlock, I’ve been in NC for 4 years, driving for the past year and never drove in FL. Customer service is a joke, all I get is 7-15 business days for help.


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Customer (driver) support has been so bad for both, at times it has seemed like "fake" support designed to
make you NOT want to use it, and to regret having even tried to use it. This is a big weakness, and neither
can succeed in the long run unless they genuinely address it. Just compare it to Instacart, which has similar
technology but has genuine, and good (shopper) support.

In the end, however, Uber is the market and technology leader and better for its drivers. Lyft is phony
moralistic, juvenile, and lags behind.
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