Uber vehicle inspection, what a joke..


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So like everyone I guess I needed to update my vehicle inspection. As luck would have it I had just had my car serviced at the dealer and got a full report. So I uploaded this and promptly got an email that it was rejected. What? So I write to support asking why. It's a real inspection and not the goofy one they do at the Uber lot where they basically just check the lights and horn. Got a response back that all was well and that it was accepted.

Except it wasn't, as I first got a three day warning that the inspection would expire and then a one day warning. Of course the whole time I'm writing back to the CS rep asking what's the deal. Finally get a response that basically says sorry, it appears your documents have expired and if I attach them to the email they will upload them.

Well screw that, I'm already locked out of the system so I head over to the greenlight center to pick up my gold premier swag and to get this straightened out. So anyway I was told to head over to the inspection center and they will take care of it, they will not accept the dealer paperwork. Yeah you'd hate to have a car on the road that has had AN ACTUAL INSPECTION! Took about three hours out of my day with traffic to get this all straightened out.

On a side note, what a sorry bunch of ESL people at the uber center. Reminded me of the DMV and about as many people waiting in line. Unbelievable. Overheard one of the reps pulling his hair out trying to explain to some dumb @ss what a trade dress was, lol.

Nathan Diaz

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That's the thing. Everybody hates it, and yet, everyone is waiting in line. Uber embodies modern capitalism at its worse. Endless masses of people fighting for breadcrumbs. You know how old folks say that in the 60s-70s they could buy a house in 5 years or so? And now it takes 30 years etc...? Uber is the next step along that pattern.