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Uber USC is back!


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Be sure to have open containers of beer in the cup holders. They get pissed if there is no beer. And open the door for them, then slam it on them. They get pissed if the door isn't slammed at least once on a ride. And be sure to puke in the seat. They get pissed if no one pukes in the seat.


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You know, if you did 4 short USC rides an hour, you would make 9.60 that hour, before your expenses.
If you drove 8 miles in that hour, the IRS calculates you would net 5 dollars an hour.

Uber and USC, a partnership for slave labor.


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I think the USC deal is awesome because it so beautifully typifies the total suckatude that is guba.

I can't think of a better or faster way to thin the heard.

The buba/ usc partnership: Dedicated to creating former drivers.