Uber trying to solicit drivers for the Uber WAV program?


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I'm saving all my tip money for the next 7 years to retrofit my car to be an Uber wave vehicle.
Better make that 70+ yrs..lol.

lmfao, zero chance that uber hq would pay the true rate for dealing with the hassles/waiting for being a WAV driver.

fyi, wav is uber wheelchair
Yea I already knew that lol. Probably has a lot to do with the fact that they've been suited by disability groups over not having enough wheelchair accessible vehicles.
I worked on a marketing project for this start up called Kaizen Health that augmented Lyft's platform for healthcare providers so that they can schedule rides to and from appointments for patients who currently rely on NEMT. It's supposed to be paid for by their insurance. A lot of these patients have recurring appointments throughout the week. Cancer, dialysis, etc.

I'd be down with picking up patients and taking them to the doctor.


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I got the call also, Chicago number.
Asked if there was a cost to lease the WAV. The caller said yes. I said no as I was still making payments on my car and couldn't afford a second payment.

Now, if Uber supplied the WAV vehicles without cost, I may reconsider.