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Uber Tracking Promotion


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What the hell is this?
Haha...to me, it means , if you're bad 'NO SOUP FOR YOU.!!!'...

Those Borg ants on 100% and 0%... Get the promotion and incentives...haha...Sara's trying to pull the troops together ... looks like the non accepters and cancelers (+1)..
are causing her to make a move.
Hahaha hahaha...
Count me out of incentives...
I'll leave that for the Borg ant.


yogi bear

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Yeah Yesterday i got an uber (no taxis about) and when he arrived i said here take this 10 dollars its only a 3 km trip, (no surge) he wouldnt cancel at no charge as he was adamant that this would affect his standing with uber, luckily it had been a quick pick up and still under 5 minutes so i cancelled as i was sitting there in the car.

He also had a burning hatred for uber and reckoned the traveling public were arseholes in general..

Felt sorry for him, a refugee immigrant without much else in the way of job oportunitys that local born people have..

Btw the ants arent the enemy, nor are the cabbies, nor is it the government agency that sets taxi fares with the ability for drivers to earn a living wage in mind when they do so. (Did you know Minimum 60 cents per minutes waiting time in cabs x 55% drivers share = the minimum wage?)
The enemy is uber. And their running dog vocal supporters.


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Johny I don't how you can have a 100% acceptance rate and remain sane. If I accepted every ping and actually did the rides I would be in the loony bin within 24 hours:rolleyes:. I much prefer the sin bin for 2 minutes:smiles:
It's a tech glitch. I reset to 100/0 last week despite letting dozens of pings go by and cancelling on 2.


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My cancellation shows correct percentages but acceptance always 100, blady system