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Uber Toronto operating landscape after July 15 prediction/possibility?

Discussion in 'Toronto' started by UberxGTA, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. UberxGTA


    Assuming rideshare insurance similar to Alberta's is in place by July 15th:

    1. Drivers with qualifying vehicles will be operational (pickup and drop) within the City of Toronto.
    2. Drivers with non-qualifying vehicles (2008 and older) will still be operational (pickup and drop) outside of the City of Toronto. This can be accomplished with a geofence within the app similar to the one around the Pearson Airport.

    If rideshare insurance is NOT in place by July 15th:
    ALL drivers will be restricted to pickups outside of the City of Toronto temporarily until the ON GOV. regulator approves the rideshare insurance similar to the one in Alberta.

    Uber will NOT shut down all operations in Ontario if the insurance is not in place by July 15th.
    Uber:'Business as usual' outside of Toronto.
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  2. Token44


    I'll offer another scenario if the rideshare insurance has NOT been approved by the 15th.

    UBER will send out an e-mail (and likely a txt) to ALL drivers advising them of the new regulations.
    They may even do that thing in the partner app that makes you click "Agree" before signing on.
    They will state that "Only drivers who have the required coverage can do pickups within the City of Toronto" (those with Aviva with rideshare covg).

    If you have a 2009+ model year vehicle and log in and accept rides within the City of Toronto without the Aviva product, you would bear any and all responsibility in the case of fines or accidents. UBER will do nothing for you.

    This means that the service can continue within the City of Toronto, and the onus is on the driver to make sure they meet the bylaw regulations. If drivers who don't have the coverage in place operate in Toronto, and something happens, or they get stopped by bylaw officers, UBER will just say "we told you so... You clicked AGREE".

    As for vehicle age:
    I agree with the geofence, and those drivers with a 2008 model year an older vehicle will not get pings in Toronto, but can operate as before in Markham, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, etc...
    These drivers can drop off within the City of Toronto, but will not get pings again until outside city limits.
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  3. Uberrat


    Ottawa, On
    Be absolute chaos if uber stays out of toronto.
  4. UberxGTA


    I agree with most of what you have said. I also think uber has the technology to also restrict 2009+ vehicles to operate in Toronto if they don't have appropriate insurance. I was in Ottawa for Canada Day and was unable to log onto the partner app there. Message given was 'this vehicle is ineligible to operate in this city'. Uber will remove all the potential chaos with geofence or inability to logon for any ineligible vehicle.
    My advice is for people not to run out and buy any vehicles or commit to Aviva's insurance before July15th. You will be happy you didn't.
    Patience and prudence is required here.
    Don't expect any Intact insurance announcements until hopefully just before July15th in this province.
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  5. Actionjax


    I think if there is issues in securing the insurance by July 15th the City will allow Uber to run unregulated while giving them a stern warning that they are doing it outside the regulations. It will be business as usual.
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