Uber took 58%-paid me minimum


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Drivers should hang signs off the back of the headrest showing how much Uber is taking..
Anyone have more of those trip fare details we can make posters of to hang ?

Another Uber Driver

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Why would the passenger care about anything other than what they paid, how that is split is not important to the vast majority of passengers.

Perhaps there are enough who care that it might get a few more to tip? At the rates that the TNCs are paying, every dollar counts. This is something that should be clear especially to a skinflint. If I carry twenty passengers over six or seven hours and six or seven of them give me a dollar that they might not have given me had they remained ignorant of this, that pays for my gasolene for the day (2014 Ford Fusion hybrid).

In reality, most of them do not care, The only thing about which they care is that the ride shows up and that they pay to Uber or Lyft what either one indicated that they would pay. Still, there are a few people who do care a little more...........not a majority, not by any stretch of the imagination, but, still, more than some people would care to acknowledge.....................................


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Pax think the drivers are getting most of the money. Maybe to let them know don't accept the 1st "upfront pricing" quote. Close the app out and try again, may give the Pax a better rate. Save some people money and the decent ones might even give the driver a tip


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Screw it I'm buying a monkey and training it to hold a tin cup tip jar in the back seat screaming it's head off. 4.93 rating would decline rapidly but I don't give a crap


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Uber has been screwing it drivers from day 1 and has been getting greedier by the day. They cut rates but not their cut, they raise booking fees which the drivers don't get anything, and then use a rating system to punish drivers or get rid of drivers who complain.
Now Kalanick is weaseling his way back into the company through placing of his hand picked lackey's on the board.
The 180 day promotion is for the media consumption to sell to the public, not to benefit the drivers.


uber and lyft should be the most stupid companies when it comes to marketing, is they say their service is convenient and cheap those two words aren't meant to be in the same sentence.
Many times I get asked by riders how we break even given the trip estimates they get given,hence pax too know that we are the ones get 8 balled all the time because most times I take riders on lyft and Uber, the word they keep using is cheap which brings me to this. If taxi cabs aren't convenient, not brand new, not rider ass kissing for a 5 star why are their prices still the same or slightly lower than they were compared to Uber and copy cat lyft. When I started driving a zillion years ago 2014 a trip to Dulles from D.C. Was $66 now days it's $25 do the maths that's basic rate without surge. It all comes to tell you that these guys are playing a perfect game and drivers keep falling for it. Awake and smell the coffee even a 2.0 surge won't get u $66 today


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i will repeat what I said a month ago, if anyone on here will share all of their ride data with me for the month of August 2017 I will put it into a one page sign illustrating the upfront pricing gouge percentages.

with several drivers data combined, uber wont be able to identify driver to punish and the data will balance out any bias due to driver habits. send me a message if interested. im willing to do the work, but I need the data of a few drivers.