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Uber Toll fee $5


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Pax requested trip to LAX normally i take the 101 to 405 but i was near pasadena.

Waze directed me to 110 s express toll.

I didnt wanna deal with getting a ticket so i stayed on the regular 110 s lane.

Finished trip and saw a $5 added for toll fee, but i never took it? Unless the whole 110 s is a toll?

Im certain i didnt enter the left lane , this is confusing.

Anyone know about driving in that area?

Thanks :smiles:



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Is it possible uber made a mistake? Somehow their gps assumed i took the toll?


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Did you drop off near Terminal 6 or 7? I noticed I've got the $5 toll whenever I drop-off (End Trip) around Terminals 6 or 7 at LAX.

Count that as a TIP for you! You earned it!

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