Uber to debut lounges in shopping centers across US


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Ride-sharing app Uber is set to partner with one of the country’s largest retail shopping center operators to offer new services to patrons. As part of the new alliance, Los Angeles’ Century City will receive a sleek new “Uber Lounge,” while Westfield’s other 33 properties across the United States will get what Uber describes as "stations."

For Century City, the Uber Lounge is one of the final touches of a much anticipated billion dollar renovation. It’s intended as a way maximize the time shoppers spend on the premises. The lounge will be “ultra-modern” in design, with luxurious seating and various amenities on offer to customers as they wait for their Uber to arrive.

Convenience is at the heart of the Uber Lounge. Westfield is rolling the concept into its already existing hands-free experience. After a purchase, shoppers can continue going from store to store, and pick up their items inside the Uber Lounge when they are finished.

Customers will have access to complimentary beverages, charging stations, newspapers, and magazines. Concierge services, like restaurant bookings and event tickets, are also available, according to Business of Fashion.

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OMG the horror of having to carry your stuff around while you shop !

BTW you do post nice articles... appreciated.


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They might have "doorman" like dudes to put their packages in the car so the driver won't have to get out ... then these "doorman" like dudes will receive tips ... but if the driver gets out to help with the packages ...and then at the destination ...
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So for $3.75 you can enjoy all these in lounge plus a ride. I'm sure homeless will be taking over as soon as lounge is launched.

Wait, if we order pool and use a coupon that might be $2 for all these..