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Uber to Allow Riders to Choose Drivers Based on Ratings: CEO

Discussion in 'News' started by jocker12, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. jocker12


    The safety of Uber passengers has been subject to distrust due to several incidents of assault by drivers in the past few years, with sexual crimes being topping the list. Within 2018 itself, there have been reported at least three cases from the US and England.

    But, as Uber moves forward to turn its fortune around under the leadership of new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, it is taking steps to ensure that users feel in-charge of their own security. Khosrowshahi, who was speaking at the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF), committed Uber to “truly stand for safety” and announced that it the company is developing a new mechanism to improve the experience of riders.

    The new mechanism will allow passengers to be able to “opt-in” for not just a bigger or a more premium cab, but also seek drivers with better ratings. This is in line with the executive’s plans to turn Uber profitable by the end of 2021. The company is also looking to make aggressive changes to its functioning and, in the words of the CEO, wants “particularly good” drivers and will these ratings will now be among the strict parameters for performance appraisal.

    The executive, however, did not speak about the potential financial implications this rating system will have on drivers and especially riders. While it’s safe to presume that like upgrading to nicer cars, riders might have to pay more to ferry with ‘safer drivers’. But, it is very difficult, as of now, to assert whether ratings will determine the fare.

    It must be noted that Uber also allows drivers to rate passengers and lets them reject a passenger with a bad score.

    The announcement also coincides with the anticipated Softbank investment which was concluded last week. Uber is currently roiling in losses and is preparing to bounce back by heaping more engagement from its riders.

  2. Will Uber allow Softbank to choose Board of Directors based on Boards Ratings ?

    I think they should !
  3. jocker12


    Uber should allow drivers to choose riders based on their destinations....
  4. This should lead all higher rated drivers to stop doing poo rides which are driver ratings killers.
  5. Yes.




    Principal of Cause & Effect.
    For Every Action
    There is a Reaction.

    Get Ready Uber
  6. Mars Troll Number 4

    Mars Troll Number 4

    Will it also cause low rated passengers to get refused more?
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  7. Probably so
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  8. Another Uber Driver

    Another Uber Driver Moderator

    See avatar
    I do not do them, already. I do not accept Gryft Grime, either.
  9. Fuzzyelvis


    All this will do is make higher rated drivers get pings from further away when the lower rated drivers are bypassed by a picky ass pax.
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  10. if they ACTUALLY cared about driver safety after say 30 days riders would have to submit photo .i.d. & get a check next to their request as a verified account.

    Drivers eyes are on the road, they pass background checks, pax can screenshot drivers face license plate, record video/audio entire trip, maintain a convo with a friend entire trip, as long as trip is active its tracked on 2 separate phones & Ubers servers

    how safe they want to be for $2 an hour or 1971 minimum fares 1965-1985 wages

    drivers are a thousand times more likely to be assualted physically, verbally, property wise then vis a versa

    any murderer, rapists, robber, felon, junkie, prostitute can get a burner phone & a prepaid or buy an account online for less than $50

    this dara devil is just as bad as travis

    $1.50 a mile .25 a min. $10 min gross every ride


    every driver will just continue to pray you end up like travisks mom because youre an evil greedy dirt bag #180daysofmoreevilfraud


    does this idiot even know nobody rates on the ride? drivers are rated by gender, ethnicity, weight, facial hair, vehicle type, weather, traffic, problems at home, problems at work, talked to much, didnt talk enough..... & riders are rated by cash tip and length of drive this guys a moron does he know a driver can spend $300 giving himself or friends rides, rate high & in the end eat the vig , so soend $50-100 & now his rating is elite what an effin moron

    this guy is clueless rateings, stars, & badges are what you give kindergarten kids for spelling Cat right not an adult for risking their life to drive 1-5 miles, pick up 100-500# & deliver it 1-5 miles

    jobs arent games silicon valley devils just so you know, more words not actions

    what are you doing about driver safety uber which is a much bigger concern oh wait the ponzi scam is designed for them to fail 96% of the time so who cares another few thousand easily assaulted drivers sign up every day to replace the 96% who fail first year sonda legit

    discounts on dash cams, partition installs(there is a reason cabs have them) lmao how bout .20 extra a mile/min for night shifts & double rates on holidays you know like a real job not a scam

    profitable in 2021 huh already 13+ billion in the hole gonna take decades to recoup that, its bail out buy out ipo scam for this outfit

    poor people arent supposed to & cant afford a private driver/chauffeurs its a trap, they not paying their credit cards to zero i mean they cant afford something a 16 year old can over the summer so those cheap rides end up adding interest, outside of a handful of cities cabsa arent supposed to be a daily use service, an adult will need to own a car & know how to drive one for least 20 years its a necessary skill...
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  11. They are using 'safety' as a foil to push drivers to provide better service. Uber wasnt getting what they wanted with a simple deactivation threat. Now they have an excuse to withhold rides to lower rated drivers. They DO NOT want to lose drivers....just put fear in drivers of the rating.

    Uber has to walk a delicate line as a non employer, so this is their backdoor

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  12. In Chicago it doesn't matter...we can't see the passenger ratings anyways.
  13. MoreTips


    Which is messed up. Good thing you guys up there make the big bucks. Ok at least compared to florida drivers. .86 /.11 before and .64 / .08 after Ubers cut. SMH
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  14. Mars Troll Number 4

    Mars Troll Number 4

    wish it was .86 here in Orlandoish (cause most of the business is outside of Orlando anyway)
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  15. So, if riders have to pay more to ride with high rated drivers I see a variety of things happening:

    - high rated drivers will get less rides because Uber pax are cheap.

    - Pax pay more, but drivers only get the rates they've always gotten

    - High rated drivers will get less tips because pax have already paid more to ride with them, why would they tip?

    If they come up with something, I hope that they consider these factors or I won't get any rides
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  16. jocker12


    In my opinion it could be the other way around. Every rider will aim for a better rated driver, right? So the better rated drivers will be flooded with requests of all kind. If they want the better rated drivers to take those rides, Uber needs to charge more. I said the same thing with the UberTeen service. You want me to be your safe driver, and Uber promotes me as safe and high rated driver (so it recognizes my abilities) they need to charge the riders MORE.

    The article is vague about this - "The executive, however, did not speak about the potential financial implications this rating system will have on drivers and especially riders."
  17. RedANT


    SEA & MCO
    Kiss asses often have better ratings, but being a kiss ass doesn't mean you're a safer driver. Will kissing ass take precedence over actual driving skills or will our actual driving record be figured into the equation? I don't kiss ass, but I haven't had a ticket in over 30 years. Am I screwed?

    As I see it, it's almost as if Uber will "sell" more pings to those that spend more out of pocket for **** like water, etc. Hell no I won't bend to this crap.
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  19. Black/lux/SUV drivers have never been involved in any headline news, have they? It must be because they are paid and the service he describes is already ON THE APP, want better human beings? Order higher tier.
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  20. mrpjfresh


    Asheville, NC
    This is marginally interesting though will probably will go the way of VIP and the 6 destination filters. The part that really got me was the phrase "...plans to turn Uber profitable by the end of 2021". Oh is that it? Only 4 years?! Lol. I just can't...

    Last year took a L but in four we bounce back,
    No pings today but pretty soon they'll be stacked,
    Pick ya favorite driver so you do not get attacked,
    That's our big idea on how we make them greenbacks

    Big Dara, Bounce Back
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