Uber: The villain everyone loves to use


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Employment law expert at University of Adelaide, Professor Andrew Stewart, says it is unclear if the current arrangement between Uber and UberX drivers is legal.

A driver who has been Ubering for nearly a year tells Fairfax Media his full-time annual wage totalled about $26,000.

In his best month fares totalled $6369, or $31 per hour. After deducting its 20 per cent commission, Uber deposited about $5100 in his bank. From that he spent about $900 on fuel, cleaning the car weekly, treats for passengers, and meals. This leaves about $4200.

"From looking at these numbers, it would be easy to say that a full-time Uber driver makes $40,000 per year. But that would be too simplistic. For a start, 80 per cent of these hours are at times when a regular employer would be obliged to pay some penalty rates," he says.