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Uber texting people from my contact list


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This is disturbing, my girl just text me saying she received a text message from uber saying I invited her to become a driver.

"UberMSG: Congratulations! Your friend Daniel wants you to be an Uber partner. Both of you can make money when you APPLY HERE: t.uber.com/cashec"

1. How did they get her phone number?
2. That's not even my referral promo code

Do they have access to our contact list in our phones?

I'm including a screen shot.



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Look at all the app permissions under the app store. Here's a screenshot of mine. Dont see explicitly where they can send texts to your contacts, but they do have plenty of access to your phone. It's not only Uber though... Check any of your apps and you might get scared of how many permissions you allow for all your installed apps.



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I heard that people start getting marketing calls for government loans and windows computer viris protection from india after signing up for lyft
coincidentally, I got mi share of those calls too after applying to drive for them 3 months ago

Uber Jax

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And this is why I kept their phone and pay $10.00 a week for it!

It's one of the reasons. They are not getting into my personal phone cuz IT'S PERSONAL!!! :mad: