Uber Testing How Low Pay Can Go Before Drivers Quit...Lol


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Great article about Uber's NEED to make all cars self driving


Better point on attached pic on driver rates.

Make no mistake, Uber is the new Walmart of the world, paying juts enough to staff its business, with no benefits, keeping its balance sheet 'strong like bull' for investors.

Why Uber Has To Start Using Self Driving Cars   Facts So Romantic   Nautilus.png


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"...getting drivers will likely always be more of a headache than finding more riders..."

Yeah, the way uber does it.

Here's another way:
Treat drivers with respect, pay them well, don't flood the market with too many, and sit back and relax because you will have a loyal workforce with a low attrition rate.
New drivers will be lined up at the door wanting to get inside.
Service would improve.
Profits will follow.