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Uber taxi drivers in Manchester angry over 'sweatshop conditions' after fares cut

Discussion in 'Manchester, UK' started by chi1cabby, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. chi1cabby


  2. Good on you boys for protesting and making it on the news. We in Birmingham have been shafted by these clowns. Our rate is now £1 a mile, just cant be motivated to go out now as I feel like I am being ripped off on every single trip I do.
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  3. In Houston, I am driving a $45K SUV with $0.87/mile, no cancelation fee, no right to make any arguments to Fuber here. One PAX said, " Ya have a nice car. Good job. I like this. 5 stars for you. I only give 4 star to the others." A total insult. WTF!
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  4. I hope you repaid the favour with a 1 star rating.
  5. Nope! 5 Stars for all my riders. No matter how bad they are. Cheer!

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